Sprucing Up

Sprucing Up

  • Sarah Kennedy
  • 03/15/24

With the times changing, more and more people are working from home.  Working from home can be an amazing thing, but it can also be challenging.  I know for me, I am always distracted by the clutter or disorganization of my house.  Dishes in the sink, kids toys everywhere.  It wasn’t until I sat down and looked at the bigger picture to make my work space more functional and desirable to me, that the dishes and kids toys started to look less and less appealing to put away.


Step 1: I took my desk out of my bedroom.  The bedroom is a place to unwind and relax after a long day.  It is not a place to work.  (If it is the only place for you then it is what it is). If I am not in my bedroom I can’t see all the laundry that needs to be put away.


Step 2: Find a desk that works for you and your space.  The kitchen island or the dining room table was my office for a loooooong time.  But it wasn’t practical.  I had to bring everything I needed with me or I was constantly getting up.  Neither was very productive for my work day.  I tried 3 different desks before I found one that worked for me.  More on that later.


Step 3:  find a space that works for you.  Currently my desk is in my family room.  It works now, because my kids are at school all day.  Eventually when our bonus room is finished ( the people who install drywall are apparently backed up) my desk will move up there so I can work with the door closed.


Step 4:  Get all the supplies you need.  Pens, pencils, stapler, paper clips, etc.  Having everything handy really helps to make a productive work day.


Step 5:  Lighting.  Since I am in the family room, I am near 2 windows, which lets in natural light which I LOVE.  See previous post ( https://tg207.com/blog/sprucing-up-4 ) about natural light.  If you aren’t near a light source, you will need to add one.  Do you need a desk lamp?  Floor lamp?  Also make sure that the brightness on your computer fits your lighting.  YOu don’t want it too dark to be squinting at it, or too light and be blinded.  (Blue Light Blocker glasses work great.  These are my favorite. Blue Light Blocker Glasses *I do not get commission for sharing the link *


Step 6:  Make sure your space is ergonomically designed for you.  Are you sitting properly?  Is your desk height correct.  Are you reaching for your mouse too far?  This is a great resource to help make your workspace ergonomically correct. Ergonomically correct work space


Step 7:  This is my most favorite step and has made a huge difference in how I work.  I bought myself a walking pad.  Walking Pad. * I do not get commission for sharing this link *. I find that I can get my steps in and I am not half as board sitting at a desk.  To go with it, I got a desk that can change heights.  Adjustable desk. * I do not get commission for sharing this link. *  


All in all, if you want a more productive work day from home, forget the laundry, dishes, kids mess.  It will all be there when you are done, just like it would be if you had left and gone into an office.  Also, make your workspace a sanctuary for you!

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