Sprucing Up

Sprucing Up

  • Sarah Kennedy
  • 02/16/24

I don’t know about you, but I really like the way natural sunlight shines in.  I have found some ways to maximize the way the light shines in.

  1. Having light colored walls and having an eggshell finish will allow the light to reflect off them.

  2. Paint your ceiling WHITE.  The white will work like the light colored walls to help reflect the light into the room.

  3. Add mirrors.  Mirrors help to reflect the light.  The best place to add them is where the light hits.  Also opposite a window or at the end of the hallway.  Not only do they help with light, but they also help to make a room look and feel bigger.

  4. If you are building or replacing windows.  Make them larger.  The larger window will let in more light.

  5. Skylights are another way to add natural light.  Add them to a bathroom or kitchen to really enhance the natural light.

  6. You wouldn’t necessarily think that flooring would play a part in helping to increase natural light, but it does.  If you have dark floors or dark carpet, it is going to make the room feel darker.  The same goes for dark colored furniture.

  7. Along the lines of furniture, don't directly block your windows.  Doing so will block out the natural light you are trying to let into the house.  Try not to place a large headboard in front of the window in a bedroom.  Place the couch across from the window instead of in front of it.

  8. It’s easier said than done, but keep the windows as clean as possible.  The less dirt, dust, or in my case, dog noses and kids hand prints the better.  This will allow for maximum use of the window.

  9. If you have gardens in front of your windows, make sure to keep them well maintained.  Trim branches and bushes to lower than the window.  I know we want privacy, but we are trying to get the light to shine in.

  10. Last but not least, open your curtains, shades, drapes, etc.  LET the light in!!!!

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