Community Highlight

Community Highlight

  • Darci Petrov
  • 12/31/23

Limington is the epitome of small-town Maine, but don't let the size of its "downtown" fool you: Limington has plenty of things to do and places to visit. Nestled in the southwestern corner of Maine lies the picturesque town of Limington, a hidden gem brimming with small-town charm and natural beauty. Despite its unassuming size, Limington captivates visitors and residents alike with its rich history, scenic landscapes, and tight-knit community spirit. Next time you're in the area, we suggest checking out these places.

The Kitchen
I'm a part of a few online groups for the Limington area, and this restaurant has been much anticipated.  The women-owned eatery just opened this month and since then has become a local favorite eating spot.  Located at the Limington Airport (yes, truly an airport), with some customers even flying in to dine. Their menu is fresh and homemade, with an impetus of supporting local businesses whenever they can.  Check out their reviews, and plan a visit soon!

Sawyer Mountain Trail
When I was researching different outdoor activities for Limington, I was floored at the number of hiking trails in Limington.  Sawyer Mountain Trail, however, stood out. With a moderate difficulty level and peaks of over 1000 feet, this hike seems to be a fan favorite among locals and out-of-towners alike.  I read the reviews, and it does suggest you bring some strong bug spray, but what hike in Maine doesn't? Grab your deet and head to Limington!

Sleepers Market
It just wouldn't be right to write about Limington and not mention the famous Sleepers Market. Just a glimpse into its history will fill you with all the feels for this little market.  Originally opened in 1914 by Joseph Sleeper Sr. who only had arrived in the United States via Ellis Island three years prior.  Joseph was known for his hard work, dedication, and generosity.  The very same traits the store and its employees are known for today.  You simply can not drive through Limington without stopping in.  I know I can't. 

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