Sprucing Up

Sprucing Up

  • Sarah Kennedy
  • 05/24/24

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Now that Spring has sprung, so have your gardens. One of the easiest things to do to get your house looking good from the outside is to have a garden. It does not need to be big by any means, but some color adds a lot to a house. 

The first step to getting your garden spring-ready is to weed it. If you do this yearly, you really should not have many weeds. You can also use a natural weed killer. This is a great recipe from HGTV. Natural Weed Killer It will kill leaves of flowers and plants you want to keep, so spray where you want it to go. 

Next, I like to plant perennials. They come back year after year and are quite hardy. Here is a list of my favorites. 

  • Lavender 
  • Garden Phlox 
  • Shasta Daisy 
  • Peony 
  • Hosta 
  • Daffodils 
  • Aster 
  • Stargazer lilies 
  • Tulips 
  • Chives 

You will want to take into consideration where you live when creating your garden. You will want to find your Garden Zone to know what and when to plant. The other thing you want to take into consideration is how much sun your garden is going to get. Is it full sun, morning sun, afternoon sun, partial sun, shade. You will also want to see how much time you have for watering. Some plants take less water than others. Are you going to water or are you going to rely on nature? 

Once you figure out where you want your garden, this website will help you plan your garden Garden planner . Then head to your local garden center. Walmart, Lowe’s, and Home Depot all carry flowers, but I like to support my local nurseries. I also find them much more helpful. 

Happy Planting!

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