Sprucing Up

Sprucing Up

  • Sarah Kennedy
  • 11/22/23

Have you been in your house for a few years and you look around and see some imperfections on the walls?  Are you getting ready to put your house and the market?  Ask yourself how long it has been since you repainted the walls and trim.  You don’t have to change the color if you don’t want to.  A simple touch-up can do wonders.

According to House Digest, you should be repainting the interior walls and trim of your house every 5 to 7 years.  If it is a high-traffic area then you should be doing it every 3 to 5 years.  Are you blown away by these numbers?  I know I was.  I thought painting the inside of your house only needed to be done if you didn’t like the color, saw major dents or scratches, or you were getting ready to sell your house.

After you’ve decided to either keep the same color or change it up, you now have to decide what you want the paint on the walls or trim to look like.  Do you want a high shine?  Do you want to hide imperfections?  What paint finish should you use?

The two most used finishes are Satin and Matte.  Let's break them down a little:

Satin is glossier, which makes it more doable and easier to clean.  It is a good option for windows, doors, and trim.  It also is good for bathrooms.  It does show imperfections easily, so you have to make sure you prep the walls.  Scrape, sand, fill holes.  It is also a good choice for Family Rooms and Hallways.

Matte is much calmer.  It doesn’t have as much shine.  It is best for low-traffic areas.  Think bedroom walls, ceilings, and low-traffic living rooms.  Matte finish is really good at concealing any imperfections because it does not draw the light to it.

In the end, other than the time it takes.  (Heck if you can afford it, hire the painting out.)  Repainting is an easy way to go give your interior some new life.  Fix some drab to fab.  You just need to decide if are you going with Satin or Matte.

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