Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips

  • Joe Tomazin
  • 11/18/23

Test Smoke Alarms/ CO Detectors
With cold weather arriving and furnaces and fireplaces cranking up, this is a good time to test your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors to make sure they’re functioning properly. Press and hold the “test” button on the smoke or CO detector to make sure the alarm goes off. Replace the batteries if the alarm doesn’t work, or if the batteries are more than a year old, then test again.
Be sure to write the date the battery was replaced on the battery or on a piece of tape stuck to the back of the alarm. It’s also a good idea to blow out smoke and CO alarms with canned air periodically to remove dust. Also, be sure to replace any alarms that are over 10 years old.

Check and Service your Water Systems
Annual service for your private water systems is highly recommended, from adding salts to your softening systems, changing filters, or having whole house systems serviced. There is no better company out there than Ward Water to help with any of your private water systems that you have in place.
Insulate pipes
If you have bare water pipes running through your crawl space, attic, basement or other accessible place, this is a good time to insulate them. Besides helping to prevent freezing, which could cause the pipes to burst, insulation keeps the water in hot-water lines hotter and helps prevent condensation on cold-water lines in the summer. Hardware stores and home centers sell foam tubes that are easy to install. Measure the diameter of your pipes before you shop. To install, open the lengthwise slit on the tube and slip it over the pipe. If there’s a crease but no slit, carefully cut along the crease first. Some types come with tape attached to seal over the slit once the tube is in place. Where necessary, cut the foam to length with scissors. For more information or help, hit up Dave at The Oak Hill Ace Hardware in Scarborough!
Snow Tool Time!
Now is the time to check and make sure your snow-throwing tools are working and you're set before the first main storm arrives. 
Make sure you have solid snow shovels, that your snow blower is working well and you're set with sand/ salt for your walkways and driveway. Most towns have sand/ salt available at their public works departments for homeowners, check with your local town hall to see if this is the case in your municipality!
Taking preemptive measures will save you some stress and time, be ready and rest assured you're set before the first major snowstorm arrives.
Show some kindness to feathered friends. 
 Nonmigrating birds can use extra help when wild food becomes scarce and water sources freeze. Stock up now on birdseed so you can keep those feeders full and consider providing a water source as well. If you do choose to feed animals during the winter months, please be consistent so that they can count on your reliable food source! The Maine Audubon Society at Gilsland Island Farm in Falmouth is a tremendous place to get information to get you started on birding!

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