Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips

  • Joe Tomazin
  • 09/15/23

Inspect and Clean Fireplaces, Woodstoves and Chimneys
When the autumn temps begin to fall, we Mainer’s love our woodstoves and fireplaces. It is imperative to make sure that these systems have been inspected and cleaned from any creosote buildup that could lead to chimney fires or other blockages that could result in carbon monoxide issues. Our good friend Dana at Pickett Chimney Services is a reliable source to help you out!

Service your lawn equipment 
Autumn—not spring—is actually the best time to show some love to your lawn equipment before you put it away for winter. It is not recommended to leave your lawn machines full of old oil and ethanol fuels over the winter. If you’re handy, you can change your oil and filter, replace air and gas filters, and install new blades if necessary. Then use a premium gasoline without ethanol but with a gas preservative. Just before you store it, fill the tank with this mix. If you’re not into the DIY, call a small engine service shop like Chad Little or TK Power Equipment!
Change direction of your ceiling fans prior to winter
Did you know about this hack? Changing the direction of the ceiling fan blade rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise for the winter months helps to circulate the warm air that rises to the ceiling, pushing it back down toward the living space! This can help with heating costs and make the room more comfortable!
Fertilize your lawn
Before summer finally fades away, one last round of fertilizer will help your grass wake up in the spring! Check-in with our friends at Broadway Garden in South Portland for information regarding the best types of fertilizer for your particular needs!

Touch-up exterior paint
Walk around the perimeter of your home and give any unsightly spots a touch-up. It’ll be your last chance to put on a good face before the holidays.

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