Community Highlight - It's Maine's Birthday!

Community Highlight - It's Maine's Birthday!

  • Darci Petrov
  • 03/15/24

In celebration of Maine's 204th birthday, I'm excited to bring you a special Community Highlight piece this month, deviating from the norm to embrace the state's collective spirit. Typically, I would focus on a particular city or town, recommending businesses or parks to explore. However, Maine, despite its large size, remarkably encapsulates the warmth and interconnectedness of a close-knit community. The concept of six degrees of separation seems almost exaggerated here; in Maine, it feels more like one or two degrees, a testament to the tight-knit fabric of our state. This profound sense of camaraderie, so deeply ingrained in our identity, is one of my favorite aspects of being a Mainer. It's a unique experience, whether you're traversing within state boundaries or venturing afar, you're almost guaranteed to encounter someone who shares a mutual acquaintance. It's this widespread, yet intimately connected community vibe that I've decided to celebrate this month, choosing to highlight the entirety of Maine and the collective charm that binds us all.

It is impossible to list all the things I love about this state, but at the top are undoubtedly the seasons. As spring continues to sprung, it brings a renewed sense of beginning.  We Mainers tend to breathe a collective sigh of relief. The long winter is behind us, and a bright, sunny season is ahead. Our event calendars start to fill up. The same family and friends I invite to join me at local Sugar Shacks for Maine Maple Weekend (happening next weekend, by the way! Find out about events here) are the same group of people I invite to go apple picking in the fall. It's a tradition. And with the changing of every season comes the anticipation of a sight to see, an activity to do, or a place to be. The feeling of excitement we get from taking the first boat ride on Sebago Lake every summer is the same as when we pack up the car with skis for the first run at Sugarloaf. Maine isn't just a place; it is a feeling. And I feel pretty darn lucky to be here.

Now it's your turn to celebrate Maine's birthday!  We are doing a giveaway of a sign from Maine Homemade Designs.  All you need to do is click this link and tell us what YOU love about Maine!


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