Community Highlight - Freeport

Community Highlight - Freeport

  • Darci Petrov
  • 10/16/23

Maine's loyalty to our own is deeply ingrained from an early age. We cheer for the local team, support the small hardware store in town when possible, and when it comes to outdoor gear, there's always L.L. Bean.  Whether you're visiting the store or flipping through the catalog, it all exudes a sentimentality that most global brands can only aspire to. Similar to L.L. Bean,  Freeport itself attracts many visitors from afar, but it's the locals who truly define its character.  Next time you're in the area, we suggest checking out these spots!

Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary Mast Landing is 145 acres of diverse habitat rich in human and natural history. It is located along the Harraseeket River estuary, with more than three miles of trails that wind along a stream and tidal marsh and through orchards, fields, and forest. Click here for a trail map!

If your kids are anything like mine, the changing of the seasons always means trying out a new outdoor activity. Unfortunately, they don't often don't coincide with growth spurts.  In times like these, tell your wallet not to worry, GearME has you covered.  Their mission statement is "We strive to make the outdoors accessible to all and to provide an easy way for people to reduce their environmental impact. We do this by taking top quality used outdoor gear on consignment, selling it at a reasonable price, and providing a generous return to sellers." No wonder they've been nominated for Downeast Magazine's "Best Of" award in 2020 and 2022, earning the "Editors Pick" for "Best Bargain Store in Maine" for 2020!

Maine Beer Company
With a motto like "Do what's right", it would be hard to go wrong.  Based in Freeport, Maine, the brewery was founded in 2009 by brothers David and Daniel Kleban. They were determined to create a company whose purpose was doing good through great beer. 1% of their gross annual sales are donated to environmental nonprofits through their partnership. Their beers are always a fan favorite, the tasting room is gorgeous, and their logo is perfect. 

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